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About Our Tea
India is a major tea producing country in the world. Indian tea has various types and is classified in many ways depending manufacturing process, convention, technique and market available form. India has a premier position in the world of tea and is next to China only in both area under tea and production of tea, and also the fourth largest country in export of tea in the world. Out of the various types of tea produced in the world, Assam and India as a whole produces most of the major types of tea. Assam tea is synonymous to the best quality Indian tea in the world and the full bodied, strong liquor of Assam tea is unique in the world. Assam has a tradition in tea drinking since time immemorial and the present generation of small tea growers are carrying the legacy further with production of fine organic handmade teas. We are here to export the best quality tea across the world as per customer’s needs.
About Our Coffee
Coffee is an extremely delectable drink that gives a spur of energy and a favorite staple beverage truly enjoyed by people across the world. Being the treasured beverage, coffee is also loaded with enormous nutritional qualities. RLG Exports is one of the leading coffee exporters in India; we offer the best quality of coffee to our customers. Our direct engagement with hard-working coffee farmers and the professional training which we providing to them is the affirmation of our commitment to export premium quality of coffee across the world.
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